Media, talent, production and distribution agency

Westwell agency specialises in producing and distributing campaigns to promote and influence, both online and in traditional media (print and TV).
The agency’s unique appeal is based on its deep understanding and complete control of the entire distribution chain, from its ability to identify and select the right personalities and artists at the production stage, through to its ability to buy advertising space online, on TV or in print. The agency creates intuitive and effective connections between the public and the brands and companies who are its clients.

production publicite celebrite

Artist selection

Westwell agency selects the celebrities, influencers or artists who best embody the ideas behind your brand or company, and takes charge of negotiations to secure their involvement and agree their fees.

production de publicites web tele


The agency handles the concept and produces the advertising campaign as defined for online, TV and print media.

achat espace publicitaire tele


The agency negotiates and purchases the online, TV, or print advertising space that you choose. Our goal is to set you apart from your competition while maximising your return on investment.

celebrites marketing

Celebrity marketing

Marketing and communications through celebrity endorsement

Westwell agency provides support to brands and companies in relation to their communications via the web, TV and print media. The agency’s key differentiator is its uniquely holistic approach to communications strategies, providing its clients with turnkey solutions for advertising production and distribution.

Thanks to its access to a broad network made up of celebrities, artists and other influencers, the agency offers a range of solutions that enable it to involve celebrities in the campaigns it develops for its clients.

Westwell agency develops global communication solutions with high added value.